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  Landfill Odor Control

Since 1999, Veteran Enterprises has been a leader in chemical development.  We have sales and chemist specialists that have been in the waste and transportation industry for over 30 years.  We are THE innovator of the latest odor neutralization technology servicing the Waste and Landfill industries.  By providing safe and effective odor control and cleaning solutions, Veteran Enterprises is first choice by some of the nation's top waste and refuse companies.  Visit our Odor Control page to learn all the benefits of choosing Veteran Enterprises for your odor control solutions.

 Revolutionary Front End Loader Cleaner

Quite possibly the most effective cleaning solution in the industry.  This highly sought after formula is highly concentrated resulting in a low end use cost.  Get the most out of your vehicle fleet by cutting grime, grease, dirt and every other element that can shorten the lifespan of your entire fleet.  And when coupled with a custom-designed washing system...your results will be even more substantial!

 Dust Suppressants

Veteran Enterprises' dust suppressant solution is an environmentally friendly way to reduce the amount of dust created by traffic and wind.  We've designed a product that is safe for plants, not "gooey", and very effective.  Application time is very quick with little or no traffic delay.  This section explains the benefits of our Dust Down process.

 Rail Car Cleaning Solutions

Paint preparation, degreaser, graffiti remover...whatever the issue, we have the solution.  With unsurpassed experience in the rail industry, we've developed the best product on the market.  Visit this area to learn how Veteran Enterprises can help grow your business.

 Floor Cleaners

Veteran Enterprises has a full line of floor cleaning products. These include both liquid and powder chemicals. We have developed premium low foam cleaner for floor scrubbers that will extend the life of your scrubber pump. This particular product was developed to remove multiple soil loads and heavily embedded tire marks. We also have available low PH solutions that meet local standards and are compatible with coolants. These concentrated products have low end use costs.