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Your Problem...Our Solution
Veteran Enterprises realizes every application can be different depending on environmental surroundings, location, and other factors.  That's why we take time to consult with our clients one-on-one  to discuss odor problems and to establish their needs.  We then follow-up with a recommended solution specifically designed to rectify the problem. 

Equipment Design
Veteran Enterprises can help produce better results if a current odor control system is already in place.  Don't have a current system?  No problem!  Our on-staff equipment manager designs custom application equipment for our clients' needs.    And we don't stop there.  Our team will install and provide equipment maintenance on everything we manufacture.

Our Odor Control Products Can Treat:

  • Landfill Waste Odors
  • Compost Site Odors
  • Transfer Station Odors
  • Dumpster & Trash Bin Odors
  • Garbage & Waste Truck Odors


  • Rendering Plant Odors
  • Totter Odors
  • Waste Water Odors
  • Transfer Trailer Odors
  • Lift Station Odors


 Deodorizers: Landfills, Transfer Stations, Waste Vehicles, Dumpsters
Process  Description
400: Limestone, Cement, Mold, Sweat, Benzene - Surface Contact Products
401: Odorized Pellets - Waste Trucks, Trash Bins, Dumpsters, Totters
412: Smoke, Tobacco, Petroleum, Gasoline, Cooking Odors
413: Limestone, Cement, Mold, Sweat
414: Ammonia, Fishey Odors, Urine, Tobacco
427: Hydrogen Sulfide, Natural Gas, Landfills
428: Dual Odor Neutralizer for Topical or Atomized Applications
430: Rendering Plants
431: Methane
433: Atomized Misting Deodorizer-transfer Stations
438: Trash, Garbage, Food Waste Compost, Manure, Landfill, Methionine
440: Poultry Confinement Areas, Feedlots, Restrooms, Compost
441: Hydrogen Sulfide, Natural Gas, Vegetable Decay, Wastewater Plants,   Digesters, Landfills
442: Grass, Yard Wastes, Green Wastes
450: Economical Deodorizer - Trash Trucks, Dumpsters, Trash Bins, Totters - 1:500 Ratio
468: Aluminum Dross
470: Acrylics, Acrylates
471: Contains Nitrates for Hydrogen Sulfide, Lift Stations, Digesters, Wastewater, Lagoons
474: Bio-active for Fats, Oils, Greases, Hydrogen Sulfide
475: Septic Fields, Sewage
476: Wet Wells, Lift Stations, Grease Traps


Liquid Odor Neutralization Spray System

Our liquid chemical odor solutions can be diluted
1 to 3000!

The application lines and spray nozzles are moveable allowing your spray area to change with your workface.





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Landfill Odor Control - Waste Vehicle Cleaning Solutions

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