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Over Three Decades of Experience
Veteran Enterprises has vast experience with formulating products for the rail industry.  This includes on-site product development for rail car manufacturers. We feel our chemicals are the best on the market.  Our success can be attributed to our head R&D chemist who has over 35 years of experience developing products for this industry.

Let Us Prove It

If you're dissatisfied with the results of your current cleaner...Veteran Enterprises can help.  We will visit your location and demonstrate our current products; or, we can analyze your current processes and custom-design a product specific to your application.  We believe in our product so much...we perform these services at NO CHARGE

Call In The Experts!
Our experience goes beyond chemicals. Veteran¡¯s equipment manager has extensive expertise in analyzing your current equipment and cleaning methods.  We can consult with you and recommend solutions to lower your end use costs. Updating your application methods and equipment can also improve your results.

Stand Out
Our company has helped our customer¡¯s marketability by improving the appearance of their final product. What we do for the OEM market, we can do for you in the aftermarket.

Process  Description
155:  Economical Alkaline Powder, Rail Car Wash
156:  Premium Alkaline Powder, Rail Wash
157:  Premium Alkaline Powder, Truck Wash
200:  Economical Truck Wash, Alkaline Liquid (not Polished aluminum safe)
240:  Alkaline Liquid (polished aluminum safe)
240-C:  Citric Alkaline Liquid (polished aluminum safe)
253:  Premium Alkaline Degreaser - Part of Two-Step System
303:  Mild Acid Brightener w/Two Step System
341:  Rust/Stain Remover, Acid Liquid
344:  Heavy Duty Acid - Aluminum Cleaner/ Brightener w/Two Step
347:  Premium Aluminum Brightene
400:  Liquid Clear Vehicle Wax
603:  Standard Graffiti Remover
604:  Heavy Duty Graffiti remover
751:  Flocculent
801D:  De-foaming Liquid
1001:  Heavy Duty Alkaline Liquid Wash/Degreaser

   25-50% Caustic Soda

   48% Aluminum sulfate

Rail Car Cleaning Results

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Additional Applications Include:
  • Graffiti Removal

  • Locomotive Cleaning

  • Aluminum Brightening
  • Steel and Stainless Rail Car Cleaners
  • Pre-Paint Cleaners
  • Degreasers
  • Rust Removers
  • Rust Inhibitors
  • High and Low Foam Cleaners
  • Alkaline and Acid Cleaners - (2-step Process)
  • Effluent Products



Odor Neutralization Systems - Industrial Cleaners - Custom Solutions - Equipment Cleaning - Dispensing Systems

Landfill Odor Control - Waste Vehicle Cleaning Solutions

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