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Veteran Enterprises has a full line of floor cleaning products. These include both liquid and powder chemicals. We have developed premium low foam cleaner for floor scrubbers that will extend the life of your scrubber pump. This particular product was developed to remove multiple soil loads and heavily embedded tire marks. We also have available low PH solutions that meet local standards and are compatible with coolants. These concentrated products have low end use costs.

Our solutions don't stop there!  These multi-purpose cleaners can also be used to clean other areas of your maintenance facility including garage doors, metal & concrete walls, and machinery. They remove exhaust and carbon build-up without harming the surface.

Process  Description
155:  Economical Floor Cleaner (Alkaline Powder)
228:  Economical Floor Scrubber Soap, Alkaline Liquid
237:  Heavy Duty Floor Scrubber Soap, Alkaline Liquid
237C:  Premium Floor Scrubber Soap, Citrus Solvent Alkaline Liquid
611:  Degreaser Floors & Metal, Alkaline Liquid w/ Solvent

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